PhotoHub: Making Asset Management Easy


Over the years, The Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau had amassed thousands of photo and video assets. The assets were not cataloged and weren’t easily searched using the organization’s internal intranet platform.  As a result, the marketing department and content promotion teams weren’t aware of the photos available for advertising, social advertising, and organic social media posting.  The problem slowed down the content promotion process as the team laboriously reviewed the assets file by file.


After reviewing the current content management system and third-party options, I felt it was best to create a streamlined app that was custom built for the needs of the marketing team.  The new web app, PhotoHub, made is easy for the marketing team to upload photos, assign rights, and send photo assets to third-parties via email.  All DMCVB vendors use PhotoHub to warehouse photos, videos, and logos.  The new system has accelerated content promotion and production by significantly reducing the time it takes to find suitable assets.


November 2017



Marketing Operations

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