Covalence: Telling Detroit's Techno Story


Did you know that Detroit is the birthplace of techno?  Motown is still the touchstone of Detroit’s musical pedigree but techno has a devoted worldwide fanbase that Detroit wasn’t actively reaching.  Our challenge was to tell Detroit’s Techno story in a way that celebrated this community’s love of the genre. 


Every year, thousands of Techno Heads converge at Movement, Detroit’s techno live-music festival, to party and sway to the beat. We believed this was a perfect time to introduce Detroit as techno’s birthplace with our own EDM beat.  My team collaborated with a local musical savant to create Covalence.  The 3-minute video was shown on the TCF Center's mega-screens and promoted via Facebook and stickers distributed at Hart Plaza on the Detroit riverfront. Covalence was viewed over 75,000 times on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and the site.


May 2019



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