Eats In The D


The foodie scene in Detroit has dramatically changed in the last three years with dozens of new restaurants opening in the Downtown business district. Research showed that our primary audience was attracted to Detroit’s plethora of dining experiences and wanted to see more of what we had to offer.  After auditing the DMCVB’s existing dining content, I realized there was a need for edgy, short-form videos that showcased the top dining experiences.  


The new 20-episode series, Eats in The D, debuted April 2018. Each episode was hosted by Maia Anthony, a Detroit native who brought flair and her unique brand of authenticity to the show.  The 5-7 minute episodes featured one restaurant covering the location, signature dishes, and the in-house mixologist.  Since launch, Eats in the D has generated over 2 million unique views and is the most popular content on the DMCVB’s Youtube channel.


April 2018



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