Vehicle Launch : Meet the Lucky Ones


As the Digital Content Lead on the Lincoln/Mercury team I was tasked with creating a new way to launch the new Mercury Mariner Hybrid.  There was a wrinkle, the vehicle was targeted at the 25-45 age group, a demographic that didn’t normally consider Mercury vehicles.  We needed to find a way to use video to attract attention while increasing “intent to purchase” the Mariner Hybrid.


We partnered with an indie film company to create “Meet the Lucky Ones” an episodic film that featured a quirky family driving a Mercury Mariner.  Over a two-month period, our team shot 50 episodes designed for binge-watching.  In 2005, this was considered a radically new way to create and deploy content.  At launch, we tied in a contest to win a new Mercury Mariner along with a provocative teaser campaign supported by a full digital display media plan.  The campaign was nominated for short-film honors as the Canne Film Festival and generated an additional 1.3 million visitors and 47K leads over 60 days.


April 2005



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